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George Qiu, Yifu

  • Education and Training: Master degree of Physics, major in Medical Physics (University of Alberta); Massage Therapy -Diploma of Vancouver Career College; Acupuncture – Diploma of Vancouver Career College
  • Experience: Acute and Chronic Pain Management Adhesive Capsulitis (Frozen Shoulder), plantar fasciitis, tennis elbow TMJ (Jaw Pain, Clicking, Grinding) Leg length discrepancy Stress Relief, Energy improvement

Being a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT), he strives to ensure every patient receives the best treatment.

ICBC Initial Assessment RMT Massage 

ICBC 初次注册按摩师治疗,账单可由ICBC支付;提供两种选项,30分钟 – CA$85,45分钟 – CA$113。Direct Billing Available, 100% covered by ICBC; 30 mins session – CA$85,45mins session – CA$113.

RMT Standard Visit

注册按摩师通常治疗,账单可由大部分保险提供商支付,60分钟 – CA$120。RMT Standard Visit, Direct Billing Available to most insurance providers. 60 mins session – CA$120

Mobile RMT Massage

注册按摩师治疗,可到家或到公司提供上门按摩治疗。账单可由大部分保险提供商支付:60分钟 – CA$150 (根据驾车里程/时间,以及总按摩时长,价格会相应调整)。RMT mobile Massage, on-site massage therapy at home/office, Direct Billing Available to most insurance providers. 60 mins session – CA$150. (price varies based on the total massage minutes and travelling distance/time)

Prenatal RMT Visit

产妇按摩治疗,由经过产妇按摩专业训练的注册按摩师提供服务。治疗针对于缓解疼痛及身体不适,60分钟 – CA$135。Prenatal massage provided by RMT, who has been trained with pregnancy massage skills. Treatment is designed to release the pain related to pregnancy after the first trimester. Direct Billing Available, 60 mins session – CA$135.

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